Fantastic Vault Four issue one!!!!

FFSo I’ve been off drawing again hence the lack of words from me (also my wife is on holiday – she works in a school and so we have six whole weeks together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and because of this I tend to find writing somewhat harder. I’m one of those people who need absolute quiet to work in. My wife is not quiet!)

So I have been drawing and I must say I am rather impressed with the result. As with the Spiderman one its a homage to both classic Marvel Comic covers and Fallout. So we have the Fantastic Vault Four from – of course – Vault Four. I’ve had prints made (the A3 looks amazing) and we’ll be selling them at Nineworlds next weekend – they will then go up on Etsy so just look for my sons shop there JowyStudios.

I will also be trying y hand at the Hulk, Iron Man, X-men, Daredevil and the Avengers most of which will be classic 1960’s covers redone in a Fallout style.


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