Humanization Issue 1

Actually that should really read Level 1. Y’see is a comic book set within the internet. Now I can see what you’re thinking – we’ve taken the red pill in the Matrix – well no we haven’t. The internet is now a million years old, in our comic, and mankind is long dead; but life, intelligence, has sprung out of all those 1’s and 0’s and a society has been formed. Of course they looked at all the stuff we left behind and decided to base that society on our memes and video clips (hence the profusion of cats!) is the story of Cadra who had lived with her aunt and uncle working the codefields around their farm until all three are attacked. She escapes, her family less lucky, and meets up with a group of freedom fighters starting with Kono and Chimra in Level 2.

The comic – you can buy it at Etsy; just type in Jowy Studios (and there  is a website at that spills the beans on Easter eggs etc.) – is written by myself and drawn by Jowy. Now he decided that a comic set within the digital realm of the internet could only be created one way – by pencil and paper!!!!!????? Yep he hand draws each page and hand inks them. The only digitalising we do is to add speech and clean up any extraneous marks. The first Level was released a year ago.

So why m I talking about it now? Well we finally got around to putting it out on Kindle so as of this week you can download (for less than the price of a pint of beer) the comic onto your Ipad or Android device. An advantage to this is I’ve added a little colour to the artwork. Not a lot. When you see Jowy’s art you’ll understand why we’re keeping it mainly black and white. So please look at the web page and buy our brilliant comic.

Good evening/night/day/morning/afternoon/King Wenceslas

Ste 🙂



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