What I did this weekend

So I have spoken about writing but I did mention a while back that originally I wanted to be a cartoonist. I gave up that particular dream years ago but I have dabbled occasionally. What brought this particular effort about is that my son tours the odd Convention selling his own artwork. (We are actually working on a comic book together called Humanization.com) and I support him.

Usually these are My Little pony conventions (he’s a Brony) but we’re attending NineWorlds this year in London and he’s being busy sorting out a load of pony-less artwork (Jon Snow as James Bond anyone?) So I had the idea of a mash-up between the Fallout universe and Marvel. Fallout already has Hubris Comics and I’m a big Marvel fanboy so I could see other people going for the idea.

My son sort of gets it – he did a Spiderman with a pipboy in a bombed New York – but he didn’t really want to run with the idea; so I have instead. Drum roll as I unveil ‘The Amazing Arachnoid-Man issue 1’. (See below) It’s Amazing Fantasy 15 Spidey’s first appearance but set within the Fallout universe. He is carrying Pipboy and there are ghouls on the roofs of a bombed out New York. His costume is a cross between a normal Spidey and the Vault dwellers uniform complete with a spider/pocket motif under his left lapel. Please note the ‘stamp’ which signifies that it is approved by the ‘Fallout Code Authority. Hubris comics appear in Fallout 4.

I am in the process of completing Fantastic Vault Four issue 1. If you are in London between the 12th and 14th August head to Hammersmith and NineWorlds and we’ll see you there.

Good bye/evening/luck/day/morning/night

Ste 🙂Hubris Spiderman copy Copy.jpg


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